Collegeville — Women searching for help in their weight loss journey have a new resource in Collegeville — BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Center, 305 2nd Ave.

Roseanne McGrory, owner of BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers in Collegeville.

BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers are non-medical centers that offer a different and natural approach to weight loss — by balancing the body’s hormones. When there are hormonal imbalances, weight loss can be more difficult, especially after age 35, according to the Collegeville center’s owner, Roseanne McGrory.

“Our program not only helps women to lose stubborn weight quickly, but they are amazed with how great they feel once their hormones are in balance. We go far beyond weight loss — our program also alleviates hormonal symptoms such as PMS, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings and low energy,” she said.

The BeBalanced concept was developed and launched in Lancaster by Dawn Cutillo. Educated in health and nutrition, Cutillo worked for years advising women about how to make proper food and exercise choices, according to the BeBalanced website. She then began researching the impact of hormones on weight, discovering imbalances can impact weight loss and a variety of other female-related issues.

The BeBalanced approach consists of an initial eight week program, according to McGrory, that pairs a hormone balancing diet with a daily supplement of progesterone. That combination targets the hormones that affect weight, sleep, mood and energy.

“In the process you lose a lot of weight. It’s different from what women are used to in weight loss — there are no shakes or special food. It’s all basic food you can get at the grocery store,” she said. “We’re giving clients some natural hormones along with a hormone balancing diet.”

McGrory said it is possible to lose 15 to 20 pounds in the first month of the program. After eight weeks, clients are transitioned into the Stay Balanced program to maintain their weight loss, and keep “hormone-related symptoms at bay,” according to the website.

McGrory, of Collegeville, was a BeBalanced client. She lost 25 pounds and has maintained that weight loss for more than a year. She said she believes in the BeBalanced method so much, she decided to become an owner.

“The program changed my life. When I was doing the program I told everyone about it,” she said, adding that at the time, she was working in real estate — a career she said was very stressful. “At the end (of the program) I realized I had lost 25 pounds but nothing compared to how I felt.”

Collegeville — BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Center, 305 2nd Ave.

McGrory opened her BeBalanced franchised center on Oct. 9. She said her goal in opening was to help other people, which is why she chose to locate the center “in my own backyard.”

McGrory, who is 46, said she was also looking to make the next chapter of her life less about stress.

“I feel like I have accomplished more in the three weeks I have been open than in 20 years in real estate. I feel like I am making a difference and I am happy doing it,” she said.

BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Center in Collegeville will host an open house on Saturday, Nov. 3 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The goal, according to McGrory is to talk with and educate women about the program.

“I hope they will take a little time, come out and ask some questions,” McGrory said.

Cutillo will be on hand for the event, holding mini sessions throughout the day on topics including: How hormones affect your weight; thyroid and weight gain; depression and anxiety; PMS and migraines; and menopause and insomnia.

“We’re not just about losing weight; we are helping women feel good about themselves,” McGrory added. “There is a lot more going on — so much more.”

For more information about the Collegeville BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Center visit, email or call 610-968-2322.

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