Jan Benjamin, helping women find balance through natural hormone balancing in Leesburg, VA

Jan Benjamin came to BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers as a client in October 2018. After experiencing the life-changing program, she was so impressed by her increased energy, improved sleep, reduced night sweats, and weight loss, that she opened BeBalanced of Leesburg the following year.

Having spent over thirty years working for the federal government and private industry, Jan was tired of accomplishing someone else’s goals and objectives and was ready to identify what was next—what she wanted next—in her life. Her involvement in BeBalanced has not only transformed her life, but has also allowed her the privilege of helping hundreds of women in Loudoun County achieve similar life-changing results in the last four years. She loves that this business gives her the ability to help others improve their quality of life. Her mission is “Empowering you to be happy, be healthy, be you again. BeBalanced!”

Jan shares that understanding the role that stress plays in people’s lives and health has been pivotal to her success at BeBalanced. An eye-opening question that she asks clients is, “Did you know that when you are under stress your liver produces glucose (yes, sugar!)?” That means, she adds, “You can be eating right, exercising, and gaining weight.” Without effective ways to manage the stress in our lives, we can continue to struggle with low energy, weight gain, inflammation-induced aches and pains, and other uncomfortable symptoms even if we are doing everything else right. That is why Jan appreciates that BeBalanced offers great tools to help clients manage the stressors in their lives in healthy ways.

Another BeBalanced key to success is the one-on-one guidance from a personal wellness coach who tailors the program to each client’s specific needs, goals, and challenges. There is no one-size-fits all approach: Each program is unique because each person is unique. This method is so successful that every single one of Jan’s employees first came to her as a client. Just like Jan, after experiencing the real, lasting results of the BeBalanced program, they believe in the programs and products and want to share them with others. “That,” says Jan, “is the best testament I can think of.”

In addition to naturally balancing hormones and managing stress, BeBalanced addresses food sensitivities and gut issues and works with clients to relieve symptoms of a wide variety of health challenges such as inflammation, aches and pains, endometriosis/fibroids, insomnia, brain fog or concentration issues, PCOS, thyroid issues, depression or anxiety, headaches/migraines, hot flashes, and much more!

When she is not serving clients, Jan enjoys time with her husband of thirty-five years and her two adult children. She shares, “The only children we have at home now all have four legs!” The couple has two very spoiled rescue dogs and four horses. Horseback riding has been a passion for Jan for over fifty years, and thanks to the BeBalanced program, she is still able to ride five to six times a week. She says, “Believe me, my horses appreciate the new, lighter me too!” With this in mind, Jan encourages those curious about whether BeBalanced might be for them to consider which hobbies or passions they would like to gain or regain the energy and ability to pursue.

Jan is excited to invite the women of Loudoun County to join her on this journey to better health and well-being. It’s time to “be happy, be healthy, be you again!”

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