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It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones!

We’re the non-medical, holistic approach to solving stubborn weight gain, PMS and menopause symptoms.

Natural Weight Loss Solutions in Dallas, TX

Over time, your body changes. With these physical changes come challenges like poor quality of sleep, weight gain even though you have not changed your behaviors, lack of energy and changes in your mood. If these challenges or others trouble you, we can help. Speak with a BeBalanced team member in Dallas, TX, to learn how our all-natural weight loss program can improve your weight, your life, and your entire well-being. At BeBalanced, our process will quickly and naturally alleviate your PMS and other menopausal symptoms including weight gain.

Menopause Doesn’t Have to be Horrible

At your local BeBalanced Center of Dallas, you work closely with our team to reclaim your well-being, your health, and your inner confidence. Women often receive the advice that weight gain, anxiety, altered moods, decreased energy, and other symptoms of menopause are a natural and normal aspect of aging. At BeBalanced, we refuse to accept that unrestful sleep, hot flashes, thinning hair, and a lack of libido are inevitable with age. These symptoms are the body’s way of telling you that something is not balanced – specifically your hormones. If you feel these answers are long overdue, it’s time to uncover the root of the problem and get relief by balancing your hormones.

Clients Who Have Found Balance

This program has been wonderful! After about three weeks on the program, I've lost close to 15 lbs and am finding it enjoyable and easy to maintain. I feel good, have tons of energy, am sleeping well, and am not hungry. The protocol is straightforward, and the virtual coaching has been super helpful. I've already reenrolled to continue the program a second time.
Carlina Villalpando
Carlina Villalpando
16:41 15 Aug 22
I have been on the program for 2 weeks and have lost over 11 pounds. The 1:1 mentoring and coaching calls are key components to success. The supplements are cool and I look fwd to lab draws in 5 months to see if my insides match my outside improvements.
Anita B.
Anita B.
05:18 04 Aug 22
Highly recommend this place if you want to lose and be healthy. Mainly, Michelle Wolf is great advisor in nutrition. if you listen to her - you start seeing the results and will be happy with improved health.
Radha Muthu
Radha Muthu
15:19 28 Oct 21
O-M-G I cannot say enough good things about BeBalanced. I started the program back in August with Michelle Wolf and she has been the best coach and helped me navigate not only me weight loss but balancing my hormones as well. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful to clients. Anytime I’ve had a question or needed that “push” of motivation she has been by my side. To anyone who is thinking ‘is this program for me?’ YES IT IS! Thank you so much to BeBalanced Dallas and Michelle! Y’all are ROCKSTARS!
kyleigh parker
kyleigh parker
00:35 28 Oct 21
Michelle is great and professional!!They are great with following up with us. This has been life changing for my daughter....she was over 200lbs and she is over 25lbs lighter and is still on her way to loose more weight. This has been a lifestyle change for both of us and very educational.We love the program and have recommended it to everyone we meet. It's a very healthy way to lose any excess weight and you don't have to buy any shakes or meals.Thanks Michelle and Be Balanced Program!!!
22:17 12 Jul 21
BeBalanced is such a great program. I am reaching my weight loss goals quickly and easily. Michelle is amazing.  I work a crazy schedule and she has always been available for anything I needed or answered any questions I had. Thank you Michelle and BeBalanced!!
Julie Gleason
Julie Gleason
22:07 01 Jun 21
I had an amazing experience on the program. Michelle was readily available to answer all of the questions that surfaced on my journey. Michelle immediately understood how important this process was to me and I can honestly say it has been life-changing. She put her heart into it! I’m so excited about my 20 lb weight loss and I’m elated Michelle was there to guide me through it.
Karen Sisk
Karen Sisk
22:24 25 May 21
I had an excellent experience with BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center. Michelle was incredibly helpful in getting me set up for the program most appropriate for me and my needs. I experienced a quick and easy weight loss of 14 lbs in 2 weeks! Unexpected but awesome. I'm sleeping better and continuing with the maintenance program. Highly recommended. Contact Michelle today!
Robert Harrington
Robert Harrington
17:51 16 Nov 20

How is BeBalanced Different than Other Weight Loss Programs?

Our program works with your body to naturally balance your hormones, resulting in notable weight loss as well as improvements to your mood, sleep, energy, and all PMS and menopausal symptoms. Some weight loss programs emphasize using medication, strenuous exercise, and counting calories which can cause an imbalance with your hormones. BeBalanced of Dallas takes a revolutionary, all-encompassing view of weight loss. We treat the root cause of stubborn weight by naturally balancing your hormones, so you feel and see results quickly.

You don’t have to purchase pre-packaged food or beverages. We designed a fun-to-follow diet that is paired with our proprietary, natural supplementation, personal support, and anxiety-reducing practices to combat the upheaval that stress causes to your hormones. When you balance your hormones, effective and long-lasting change occurs. For the team in Dallas, weight loss is just one of the many benefits of balancing your hormones naturally.

We are Here to Help You Shed Unwanted Weight

If you are anything like other women, after a certain age, traditional diet and exercise routines lose their effect. The outstanding news is, it’s not your fault, it’s your hormones. Luckily, your local, Dallas BeBalanced location is ready and available to assist! In a matter of days, you could be sleeping peacefully through the night and waking up invigorated, effectively managing daily stress and increase your focus and clear thinking You can experience an increase in motivation, eliminate your hot flashes and night sweats, and bid those unwanted pounds farewell.

Call BeBalanced of Dallas today!

Our team in Dallas is at the ready to assist you to finally lose stubborn weight gain and feel young and full of life again. When you visit our center, we greet you with understanding and compassion. Our team of Hormone Balancing Specialists takes the time to consult with you, discuss your individual needs and create a detailed plan to attain your weight-loss goals. We provide a variety of options to have you feeling like yourself again. We are an effective alternative to traditional weight loss and an easy choice for a more personalized plan for your overall health.

Request a complimentary, personalized meeting with the local BeBalanced of Dallas and learn if natural hormone balancing is the right fit for you. You can reach us by calling (214) 730-0153 and speak with a hormone balancing specialist today.

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Tammy Harris

Wellness Center Manager - Wellness Coach

Hello, my name is Tammy and I can’t wait to share my passion, knowledge, and experience with you to help you become the best version of yourself. I am a Certified Health Coach and fitness enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in the health, wellness, and weight loss industry. If you’re looking for a better, more natural way to reach your goals, BeBalanced can help.

Nicola Plasko

Hormone Balancing Specialist

I have always been passionate about women's health and wellness. With a background in personal training and nutrition, becoming a part of the BeBalanced family was a perfect fit! For almost a decade, I have been working with this amazing company and program, helping thousands of women feel their absolute best. I would love the opportunity to help you do the same.

Could your hormones be the problem?

BeBalanced can help bring your body back into balance quickly and naturally! We’re so glad you’re here and we’re happy to help support you in achieving more vibrant holistic health.