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It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones!

We’re the non-medical, holistic approach to solving stubborn weight gain, PMS and menopause symptoms.

Natural Weight Loss Solutions in West Chester, PA

Over time, your body changes. With these physical changes come issues like weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, lack of energy and focus, or poor quality of sleep. If these problems or others bother you, we are eager to help. Talk to a BeBalanced team member in West Chester, PA, to learn how our all-natural weight loss program can improve your weight, your health, and your entire well-being. At BeBalanced, our process will quickly and naturally alleviate your PMS and other menopausal symptoms including weight gain.

Menopause Doesn’t Have to be Crippling

At your local, West Chester BeBalanced Center, our team works closely with you to reclaim your well-being, your health, and your inner confidence. Women are often advised that weight gain, anxiety, altered moods, decreased energy, and other symptoms of menopause are normal and natural with age. At BeBalanced, our hormone balancing specialists refuse to accept that poor sleep, hot flashes, thinning hair, and a decline in libido are inescapable. These symptoms are the body’s way of communicating that something is not balanced – precisely your hormones. If you feel these answers are long overdue, it’s time to uncover the root of the problem and get relief by balancing your hormones.

Clients Who Have Found Balance

Be Balanced has been life changing for me! I tried everything prior to this. My gynecologist told me I just had to learn to love my body. I was not ready to give up and settle. Luckily I found Be Balanced! I’ve lost over 20 pounds, no more night sweats or hot flashes, and I feel so much better! I couldn’t be more pleased!
Chrisie Dougherty
Chrisie Dougherty
15:18 27 Jun 22
I cannot say enough good things about this program. I have always struggled with my weight and never felt in control of it. I came to BeBalanced hoping to find some answers, and I could not be happier with the results. Not only does this program work, but you learn extremely valuable information about your specific body. You must follow all of the steps in order to be successful. It does require discipline, but I promise it will be the best decision of your life. After struggling for so long, I now feel so confident and in control of my weight and how my body feels. Of note, this is NOT just some diet, this is a lifestyle change that you need to be committed to, so if you are ready for that, you are in the right place!!
Courtney Jones
Courtney Jones
17:27 31 May 22
I have been experiencing PMS pain /symptoms and all that goes along with it for 6 1/2 years, going from doctor to doctor with no relief nor any guidance whatsoever. They all kept telling me I was fine , it’s just due to aging . I never bought it , just kept searching while trying to remain sane with all the changes occurring in my body . I stumbled upon this program and spoke to Linda who was so understanding and confirmed what I believed to be true .. my hormones were unbalanced . She was the first person who actually took the time to listen and explained to me why I have been feeling the way I feel . It made perfect sense . I started the program and immediately started to feel better and slept better . What I love about the program is that it addresses your stress levels , relaxation techniques and is not a program of deprivation , nor a diet which I love .Linda is the best ! She’s so knowledgeable and sets you up for success . Always available to guide you every step of the way . Thanks Linda !!
17:02 31 Mar 21
I made a decision to join the Be Balanced program when a friend referred me. This is much better than any diet I have ever attempted. I lost 11 lbs and more importantly I learned how to manage the effects of stress and anxiety which are huge contributors to your overall health and well being. This program provides more than a routine for weight loss, it is an education on how your body works and how to manage food, outside stressors, and personal stressors in a way that gives you back control over your physical and mental well being. Sleep, food, exercise, stress - all of these are part of what you will learn about in the program. So glad I did this for myself and would recommend to others.
Jodie Stancato
Jodie Stancato
12:32 28 Sep 20
As a nurse, I am very critical of weight loss programs because I need to understand/ agree with the science. This has been by far, the best program that I have used. I lost 24 pounds since July, and feel so much better. I have not had reflux or hot flashes since starting. My cholesterol and triglycerides were horrendous last January. I was facing more cholesterol medications because my doctor did not think that diet alone would bring my numbers down enough. My labs were drawn again in September and all my numbers are normal now. That is objective proof that this works for me! Feeling better and looking better can be subjective--- labs though, and the scale is not! This is a holistic sensible way to modify your life in ways that not only make sense and work but are sustainable. My whole relationship with food is improved, and the control I feel over my health is wonderful! If you are ready to make the changes and feel the results--- this is a wonderful way to do that. My advice is to do it exactly as they say. Do not play mind games with yourself and think that you can pick and choose from the program. The support is there, so give yourself a chance to see the results by following the plan the way it is set up and trust the process. I am so grateful that I did!! The West Chester team is amazing--- they are very supportive and helpful. They definitely set you up for success.
Heather Donohue
Heather Donohue
14:58 26 Sep 20
I made a decision to go to BeBalanced on the recommendation from a friend. I'm so happy I did! I was suffering from menopausal symptoms for years and recently increased weight gain that I was not accustomed to. I had reduced energy and just wanted to feel good again. I also wanted a program that was clear, specific and natural to help me get back on track. I have found that at BeBalanced West Chester. So far, I'm down 18 lbs, have my energy back and thrilled that the program is so easy...just follow the steps and the results are amazing. I'm grateful for Linda's guidance and support, and look forward as I continue this journey to my better health.
Tina McDevitt
Tina McDevitt
00:39 16 Apr 20

How Can Hormone Balancing Help Me Lose Weight?

Our program works with your body to balance your hormones naturally, resulting in fast weight loss as well as improvements to your mood, sleep, energy, and all PMS and menopausal symptoms. Some programs for losing weight emphasize using medication, strenuous exercise, and counting calories, which can cause imbalances with your hormones. At BeBalanced in West Chester, PA, we take a special, all-encompassing method to weight loss. We treat stubborn weight that is difficult to shed by balancing your hormones naturally, so you see and feel results quickly.

There are no meals to buy and no mixes to drink. We designed a whole-foods food plan that is paired with our proprietary, natural supplementation, one-on-one support, and relaxation tools to combat the upheaval that stress causes to your hormones. When you balance your hormones, effective and lasting change happens. For us, weight loss is just one of the countless advantages of natural hormone balancing.

We are Here to Help You Shed Unwanted Pounds and Feel Great

Like most women that are past a certain age, typical diet and exercise plans seem to lose their effect. The good news is, it has nothing to do with your regimen, it’s your hormones. Luckily, your local BeBalanced location is ready and eager to help! In a matter of days, you could be sleeping peacefully through the night and waking up with more energy, effectively managing daily stress and increase your focus and clarity of thought. You can increase motivation, eliminate your night sweats and hot flashes, and bid those unwanted pounds farewell.

Contact BeBalanced of West Chester Today

BeBalanced is available to assist you to finally lose stubborn weight and feel young and vibrant again. When you visit our center, you are greeted with compassion and understanding. Our Hormone Balancing Specialists take the time to consult with you and discuss your individual needs and create a detailed plan to attain your weight-loss goals. We offer a variety of options to have you feeling like yourself again. We are an effective alternative to traditional weight loss, as well as a natural plan for a more personalized plan for your over-all health.

Schedule a complimentary, personalized one-on-one with your local West Chester, PA, BeBalanced team and learn if natural hormone balancing is the perfect fit for you.

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Linda Barilani

I am originally from the lush green mountains of Vermont where I raised my two sons, Louis and Drew. A few years ago I decided to move to PA. I knew I wanted to open a business here so I started to explore many options before deciding on the BeBalanced franchise. The real decision to open this franchise came after I personally went through the program. At the time I was struggling with added weight, hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia which ALL disappeared due to the BeBalanced program. Truly, I was amazed and delighted in the results. This solidified it, I knew this was the business for me. My true passion lies in natural products and remedies. I have been a consummate student regarding homeopathic and natural ways to heal, treat and better myself as well as others. My family eats whole and healthy foods and takes great care of themselves. Both of my incredible sons have become naturalists through this process. I reside in Pottstown with my husband and 2 forever toddlers, boxer dogs. My partner/husband and I own the Wyomissing BeBalanced and are opening the West Chester BeBalanced in summer of 2019.

Could your hormones be the problem?

BeBalanced can help bring your body back into balance quickly and naturally! We’re so glad you’re here and we’re happy to help support you in achieving more vibrant holistic health.