Virtual Consultation

Welcome to the BeBalanced Virtual Experience!

During this unique time in our world, we are grateful to have the ability to meet the needs of our clients virtually, delivering the same level of experience as in local centers!

BeBalanced is committed to bringing the benefits of physical and emotional wellness into the homes of our communities from our holistic hormone balancing program, including a robust immune system!

A common thread in all our Natural Hormone Balancing Specialists is the great joy found in the purpose of celebrating your wins and supporting you through challenges.

Find your nearest BeBalanced Center to book your FREE consultation!

“That moment when my client connects the dots about the things that are going on with her health and in her body is the most rewarding part of my day!”


Discovering your best self

Once you book your free consultation, we’ll connect you with a local, knowledgeable specialist who will listen to what you’re experiencing, and how your symptoms are impacting your ability to live the life you want for yourself. Along the way, together we’ll uncover factors that may have contributed to you not feeling like your best self anymore. We’ll identify both short-term and long-term modifications to your lifestyle habits that you may not have otherwise known to associate with your struggles in achieving your wellness goals, and you’ll learn about our solution to help get you there. At the end of your consultation, you’ll be able to decide if you want to partner with us on your personal journey toward balance, but either way, you’ll walk away equipped with new information that you can implement immediately.

“Booking my free consultation was the first step toward showing up for my life in the way my family deserves.”

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Where do I start?

Booking online is easy! Just find your local center and click to book your free virtual consultation. You’ll be able to select a date and time from your center’s availability. Or, you can always call us to set up a time that’s convenient for you.

Find your nearest BeBalanced Center to book your FREE consultation!

How does it work?

Before your appointment, your specialist will send you an email to introduce herself, and confirm the means through which you will have your conversation. It is important to us that we connect with you similarly to how we would if we were to meet in our local center, so we prefer to have our conversation over a Zoom video session on your phone or computer.* You’ll also receive a profile to fill out and send in prior to getting together, so your specialist has a clear picture of what symptoms are impacting your quality of life, and can form an idea of which of our programs might be a good fit for you.

If you and your NHB Specialist agree that our program is a good fit for you, your products will be packaged and shipped to your home. Once your products arrive, we’ll set up another time to talk through getting you started!

*Phone call appointments are also available