What Causes Estrogen Dominance In A Woman's Body?

Estrogen is one of the most important female reproductive hormones and is crucial for day-to-day functioning. Having too much estrogen, is known as estrogen dominance. It is not only linked to a long list of frustrating symptoms, but also puts you at risk for a variety of chronic issues. By far the greatest risk associated with estrogen dominance is hormone-dependent cancers such as estrogen receptor positive breast cancer in women.

What is  estrogen dominance?

So what is causing estrogen dominance? Keep swiping to find out!

Symptoms of  Estrogen Dominance

• Difficulty losing weight

• Mood swings/Irritability

• Low energy level

• PMS symptom

• Fluid retention/Bloating

• Hot flashes/Night sweat

• Lack of libido

• Headaches/Migraine

• Depression/Anxiety

• Constipation

• Sleep problems

Excess body fat is one of the main causes of estrogen dominance.  Not only does fat tissue absorb and store estrogen in your bloodstream, it also synthesizes estrogen from your other hormones.

#1: Excessive Body Weight

Chronic stress is one of the main reasons women become estrogen dominant. When you are stressed,  or overly busy, your cortisol  levels go sky high and use  progesterone to compensate.  As more progesterone is used for cortisol production, less is available to balance estrogen – leading to increased estrogen levels.

#2: Stress

Thousands of man-made products contain xenoestrogens, industrial chemicals that mimic the behavior  of estrogens and disrupt your  hormone balance. They’re literally everywhere, in our water, our food, and personal care products,  waiting to disrupt your balance.

#3: Your Environment

Erratic periods are often a  result of estrogen dominance.  Hormone replacement therapy medications and most oral contraceptives only add more estrogen to your body causing  an imbalance. Without the proper balancing hormones, it can leave you with estrogen dominance.

#4: The Birth Control Pill & Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

How do you get your hormones back in balance?

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