5 Reasons to Buy a BeBalanced in 2022


Founded in 2007, BeBalanced turned into a franchise after its founders  saw how the brand’s proprietary products and services not only  make women healthier and happier but turn them into evangelists  for the brand. Today, most BeBalanced locations are run by former clients who know and love the brand’s mission.

Here are five reasons to buy a BeBalanced franchise in 2022.  

Despite the centers being physically closed during the pandemic, BeBalanced continued doing business. The brand had successfully transitioned the class online in a  way that actually maximized  the effectiveness.

#1 The immense growth during  COVID-19 proves resiliency  of the brand

By pivoting programming, BeBalanced was able to create a powerful sense of loyalty and community which drives sales, engagement, and referrals.

Millions of American women are stressed out, stress eating, and worried about their health as COVID-19 continues to disrupt  every aspect of their lives.

#2 The current market is perfect for this work!

The solution for many people is BeBalanced’s natural hormone balancing techniques. By using  top-grade ingredients in their natural hormone balancing  products, combined with lifestyle changes, BeBalanced helps boost immune systems and helps women fight the stress of the pandemic.

BeBalanced gives prospective franchisees a chance to deeply connect with and serve the  women in their communities.  The results speak for themselves  as many BeBalanced franchisees  started their journey with the  brand as clients.

#3 A purpose-driven business that makes a real difference

“BeBalanced changed my life twice. First, when I was actually a client and changed my whole lifestyle, and then second as an owner, seeing people go through the program and watching them drastically improve their lives. I’m helping people get healthier."

Roseanne McGrory's story is a perfect example.

Most blue-chip business prospects seem to demand an immense devotion to the job. BeBalanced, on the other hand, respects its franchisees’ time and need for  family life and relaxation with manageable hours.

#4 Lifestyle - friendly hours of operation

Thanks to the corporate office’s automation of most administrative tasks, you get to be the boss and  still work the hours of a lower-responsibility position.

At BeBalanced, you own  your business, your  business doesn’t own you. 

Serial entrepreneur and  millionaire investor James Webb  sold 31 Orange Theory franchises to  open up 19 BeBalanced centers.

#5 Simple Model - minimal staff and an established system

  He did it because the product  works great and it’s a simple,  scalable model. Not only does BeBalanced automate much of the admin work, but it also brings together a culture of like-minded, helpful people that are easy to manage and love what they do.

Have you ever been  interested in owning a  business that changes lives?

BeBalanced could be the right fit for you! To learn more visit our franchise section today.

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