How Effective Is Semaglutide

(Wegovy or Ozempic)

For Weight Loss?

Keep reading to learn more about how effective they may or may not be!


Celebs and TikTok stars are creating a buzz about weight loss injections, known as semaglutide (best recognized as Wegovy  or Ozempic) or tirzeptide (Mounjaro). These injections promise easy weight loss, but their alarming drawbacks are often ignored. Before rushing to your doctor or ordering online, carefully examine the fine print associated with the medication.

If you’ve been served an ad for  weight loss injections while scrolling through social media, or watching a commercial on TV, it’s likely that you were shown the statistics that the average total body weight percentage loss is 15%.

What they don’t advertise strongly (but you will find in the small print) is that these statistics are over a period of 68 weeks, or 15 and a half months.

So, for someone who is 200 pounds, losing 15% of their body weight would add up to 30 pounds in  68 weeks.

Of course eating 500 calories less than your daily needs would typically lead to weight loss. According to traditional weight loss principles, regardless of your diet, you must burn more calories than you consume. According to, a  500-calorie daily deficit can lead to a weekly weight loss of about a pound, without the need for injections.

The BeBalanced, Becoming Balanced program combines a whole-food, hormone balancing diet, along with natural supplementation to target liver support, gut health, increase insulin sensitivity, and balance hormones naturally. It also includes stress management techniques along with one-on-one coaching/accountability and community support.

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We believe that losing weight (especially for women over 40) is not just calories in, calories out or medications that mimic hormone production.

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