The 4 Roadblocks To Weight Loss You Might Not Know

It is easy to feel defeated when trying to lose weight.  At BeBalanced, we help women figure out the solution and get  to the root cause of losing  stubborn weight. Besides your  diet and activity level, there  may be some other contributions that play a role in keeping you  from losing weight. 

Losing weight can feel like a battle.

Here are the 4 roadblocks keeping you from losing weight!

Digestion is a huge part of  how  your body processes key nutrients.  When food doesn't break down,  it is stored as fat in reaction to  perceived starvation. This manifests in feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Solution: Taking a good digestive enzyme to break down the carbohydrates, proteins,  and fats can work wonders.

#1: Digestion

Hormonal imbalances can cause your body to hold on to more fat and retain fluid by stimulating fat cells with the wrong message. Solution: Start by taking a  free hormone assessment.  If an imbalance is determined,  your local BeBalanced center will reach out with a customized hormone balancing solution and weight loss program.

#2: Hormones

Could your hormones be the reason for stubborn weight, mood swings,  hot flashes, etc? 

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When the liver get overwhelmed, breaking down fat and processing our hormones moves to the  back burner and impedes  weight loss efforts.  Solution: Make an effort to  detox your liver. You can do this by  taking a simple herbal and vitamin combination to support your liver.

#3: Liver

#4: Emotions

Emotions can also affect our relationship with food, causing our body to hold on to more weight as a form of protection.  Solution: It is good to do some emotional “house cleaning” when you begin any weight loss plan, as there are always some emotions attached to the reason you gained weight to begin with. It is helpful to pinpoint stored-up feelings and let them go.

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