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The Real Cost of Weight Loss Injections – Not what you might expect…

Unless you are one of the few people whose insurance covers weight loss injections, and other similar medications, you could be paying thousands (and thousands) of dollars over a long period of time to reach your weight loss goals.

On top of that, these medications could be costing you more than just your hard-earned income.

The “real cost” of weight loss injections might be something much more than you bargained for.

The side-effects of weight loss injectables can be devastating.

Aside from the widely known common side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting – to name a few, serious digestive complications have been reported, and those statistics continue to rise.

You aren’t just losing body fat with the weight loss injectablesOzempic weight loss injectable 

According to trial results, of the 15% of weight participants lost over 68 weeks, close to half of it was lean body mass. And what is lean body mass? It’s muscle, organs, and bone. What it isn’t is body fat.

Data shows that weight loss from taking GLP-1 medications like Ozempic and Wegovy can cause a decrease in muscle mass, lessen bone density, and lower your resting metabolic rate, leading to sarcopenia (the gradual loss of muscle mass, strength, and function and is typically associated with aging).

The FDA, and popular success stories of semaglutide, doesn’t account for patients who are also losing lean muscle, which could worsen their health in the long-term.

The chances of gaining weight back, once you stop taking these weight loss injectables, is alarmingly high.

Overweight woman looks at herself in the mirrorResearch published in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism indicates that once people stop using the medication semaglutide any weight they’ve lost is likely to return. This study found that after a year, injection users had regained two-thirds of the weight they had lost.

Because semaglutide decreases your appetite along with the potential loss of muscle, gaining weight after stopping the injections seems inevitable, unless you have addressed the underlying cause of weight gain in the first place.

Healthy, long-term weight loss success requires sustainable changes to lifestyle and eating habits, not a “magic pill.”

The BeBalanced approach to weight loss is faster, and all-natural…

As opposed to using medication that overrides your body’s natural ability to balance blood sugar and curb cravings, we believe in a holistic approach to bring it into balance naturally.

At BeBalanced, we work with your unique body chemistry to balance hormones naturally for fast weight loss and improvements in symptoms of PMS and menopause naturally.

Although our method is all-natural and medication free, our clients lose an average of 15-21 pounds in the first 30 days, and close to 80% reported improvements in symptoms related to mood, sleep, energy, and more. Plus, we provide the tools to help you keep the weight off for good.  In fact, 62% of our clients reported they maintained their weight for 6 months, compared to the national average of 20%.

We also work with clients who are on weight loss medications, enhancing their results, and helping them learn how to sustain their weight loss if and when they choose to stop taking medication.

Ready to learn more about BeBalanced?

There is no shortage of information to be found online about how to lose weight, maintain your weight, fight inflammation, navigate menopause, and find inner peace. But how do you know what advice is the best advice for YOU? And what’s the best way to incorporate everything into your routine so you can create the life you want? Good news – that’s our passion!

Whether you come in person to meet with us in one of our beautiful local centers or opt for a virtual appointment, our wellness coaches are delighted to sit down with you and hear about your challenges and determine together which of our solutions would best help you to reach your goals. Whether you want to lose weight, improve digestion, have more energy, lower anxiety, improve your sleep, reduce hot flashes, increase libido, or all of the above, we have a customized program for you.