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Choosing the Right Exercise Plan for Hormone Health

Choosing the Right Exercise Plan for Hormone Health

It likely comes as no surprise that everyone would benefit from daily exercise. Most of us sit at a desk or are inactive most of the day. This means we need to compensate for that inactivity outside of work, and with busy schedules, it can be difficult. But we are hoping that the benefits of a healthy diet, balanced hormones, and exercise will outweigh the challenges that the day throws our way.

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7 Reasons Spring is the Best Time of year to Lose Weight!

7 Reasons Spring is the Best Time of year to Lose Weight!

Spring is the season of new beginnings! It is the perfect time for positive change and the start of the new you. In fact, there are lots of external factors associated with the season of spring which naturally make it easier to lose weight, sometimes without even trying! If you have been putting your health and weight loss goals off, this is your sign. We are here to tell you that right now is the best time to commit to a healthier, happier version of you. So, let’s uncover the top 7 seasonal attributes that are working in your favor right now.

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Birth Control Risks and its Connection to Estrogen Dominance and Weight Gain

Birth Control Risks and its Connection to Estrogen Dominance and Weight Gain

Picture this, a young girl starts experiencing heavy periods, irregular cycles, chronic acne, and cramps, and her doctor tells her that the birth control pill will make all these symptoms go away, so she hops on board. “I mean, they’re the expert, right?” Or how about...

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Is hormone balance the right fit for you?

BeBalanced could be the right fit for you if you have:

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Difficulty Losing Weight

Mood Swings/Irritability

Low Energy Levels

PMS Symptoms

Fluid Retention/Bloating

Hot Flashes/Night Sweats

Lack Of Libido


Male Imbalances

Thinning Hair
Thyroid Issues
Vaginal Dryness
Brain Fog/Lack Of Concentration

Insomnia/Waking Up At Night

Inflammation, Aches And Pains
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