Getting to know Dana and Scott…

Husband and wife duo Dana, Audiologist, and Scott, owner of a family run insurance agency, are excited for this next adventure and chapter in their lives – becoming BeBalanced owners and making a difference in their community. 

Through this journey, they will be “partnering” with the former and largest franchisee owner of 31 OrangeTheroy locations, who purchased the BeBalanced development rights to nearly all of the large cities in Texas, including San Antonio’s neighboring city of Austin. 

Together, they will help one another grow the BeBalanced brand, while changing the lives of women (and men) throughout Texas.

How did this broker help Dana and Scott connect with their perfect match?

Because of their harmonious partnership, and smooth process structure, she and BeBalanced CEO, David Cutillo seamlessly guided these candidates though the Discovery Process, effortlessly connecting Dana and Scott with a brand they not only believed in, but one with enormous growth potential.

Total Commission: $55,000!

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