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Empowering women to achieve the highest quality of life through Natural Hormone Balancing is the team’s vision and mission at BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers.

“Our program is about so much more than weight loss. It’s about bringing your body’s natural hormone levels into balance and getting back to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Most importantly, though, it’s about self-care. As women, we are so busy taking care of everyone else; it is even MORE critical we take care of ourselves.”

Noel Koenke, Certified Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist at BeBalanced in Frisco, TX

Saying yes to yourself – gives you the ability to be your own personal best but allows you to take even better care of others.

Noel has YEARS of extensive experience in women’s health.  She constantly researches and looks for ways to help women look at their overall wellness through the many factors influencing the whole, healthy being. Noel and BeBalanced help local women with “NATURAL hormone balancing.”  As many of you know, hormones profoundly affect your mental, physical, emotional health and well-being.

Natural hormone balancing is a safe, more effective solution to addressing menopausal symptoms than traditional HRT or bio-identical hormone therapy.  BeBalanced works with your body to naturally balance your hormones.

The BeBalanced method works with your body bringing it back into hormonal alignment. Correct hormone balance combats the many forms of stress we encounter each day that disrupts our health and well-being.

Noel and her team believe women have the power to reject the symptoms commonly associated with PMS and menopause as their reality.  BeBalanced has made it their personal life’s work equipping women with the tools that enable them to live their best lives, regardless of age.

“A variety of factors contribute to hormonal imbalance at any age. Even if you are doing all the ‘right’ things – working out, eating healthy, or trying different diet plans – imbalanced hormones can impair your body’s ability to release weight. It’s the missing key for so many women struggling with weight loss,” Noel says.

One of the keystones of care women receive at BeBalanced is their ‘whole-person’ approach.  It’s critical to address every aspect of care – physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. The holistic approach to health realizes the importance of this connection, so the body functions optimally and you feel your BEST!

BeBalanced understands that mental health is a key factor in overall wellness and is affected by hormone imbalance.  As May is Mental Health Awareness Month, it brings this issue to light, educates, informs and helps reduce the stigma attached with mental illness – in particular, depression and anxiety. Millions of Americans suffer from mental illness – often in silence, especially women.  Women are twice as likely to suffer from depression as men of the same age. At least one in four women may suffer from depression during their lives.

The team at BeBalanced know first-hand the critical role mental health plays in your health, maintaining a healthy weight and feeling your best self!

Women are most vulnerable to anxiety and depression during adolescence, pregnancy, postpartum, premenstrual and as perimenopause and menopause occurs.  This points to the importance of hormonal balance regarding mental health, especially in reference to estrogen and progesterone.

“The balance between these can have an impact on fat loss and your overall health. Lowered progesterone and estrogen dominance can contribute to severe PMS and menopausal symptoms, weight gain, anxiety, insomnia, fluid retention, and fatigue, to name a few,” stresses Noel.

There are many factors that can contribute to an imbalance, but as the hormones of estrogen and progesterone shift, it can often cause changes in mood, resulting in depression and anxiety. “It’s all about understanding the natural balance of these hormones – that is KEY,” Noel emphasizes!

Keeping your hormones in balance is ESSENTIAL to overall health, both physically and mentally. BeBalanced helps you achieve that goal.

“BeBalanced believes that losing the weight is only half the battle,” Noel shares. “Keeping it off and keeping your hormones in balance moving forward is as important. We provide the tools and resources, educating our clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and we are with them through every step of the journey.”

While women between the ages of 35 and 65 make up the average participant, anyone seeking to look and feel better should take the online hormone assessment through the BeBalanced website. Noel and the specialists at BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers get to know you through a complimentary consultation. They will work with you either in person or virtually to help naturally repair the damage done to your body.

There are no meals to buy, no powders to drink, and no exercise needed! It is just a whole-foods diet and proprietary, all-natural, hormone balancing supplements, relaxation tools, and one-on-one support.

Noel and her staff’s genuine concern and warmth, along with their expertise, will soon make you feel like you have new – and brilliant – best friends.  They return you to your best self and living your best life!

Do not hesitate to get your life back! Lose 15-22 pounds in just 4 weeks while feeling great! It is possible with the expert staff at BeBalanced!

To get started, schedule your FREE consultation at one of our BeBalanced Centers!

If you have ever considered owning a rewarding business that is helping to change the lives of others, BeBalanced could be the right fit for you! To learn more visit today.