BeBalanced in Woodland Hills, CA owner Cherillyn Olivos, with her husband Oscar, and son Julian.

We are excited to announce the newest owner of BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers: Cherilynn Olivos.

As a new mother, Cherilynn is passionate about bringing a holistic wellness business that is focused on women to her area in Woodland Hills, California. She sees BeBalanced as an opportunity to invest in herself and give back to other women.

Who Is Cherillyn Olivos?

When Cherillyn started thinking about franchising, she was pregnant – and she was ready to work for herself, investing in her own future and her family’s. She is a sharp businesswoman who holds an MBA and had a robust career in medical coding, and she was attracted to the proven model of franchising as a way to build her career on her own terms.

After years of working in healthcare compliance, Cherillyn was ready to work for herself. She had begun to find her previous job redundant, and she was ready for a change. She also wanted to be able to spend more time with her family. 

Initially, Cherillyn was interested in senior care or a children-related franchise. But after having her baby, she became more interested in holistic wellness, health, and natural supplements. As any mother knows, it can be hard to get back to feeling like yourself after pregnancy. Having that experience herself brought Cherillyn to the perfect franchise.

With BeBalanced, Cherillyn found a brand that had everything she had been looking for and couldn’t find anywhere else in her personal health journey. She saw a chance to give back to the community and give back to other women. What had started as a purely business-focused franchising endeavor became a passion project. 

Why Will Cherillyn Make a Great Franchise Owner?

Cherillyn has a personal connection with her chosen franchise, but her work as a new owner of BeBalanced will benefit just as much from her brain as it will from her heart. Cherillyn understands the importance of following the franchisor’s plan, and she is excited to have found the perfect intersection between business and passion.

Here’s what Katie Lepper, the franchise consultant Cherillyn worked with at FranCoach, has to say about her client’s success:

“Being a woman whose clients are going to be women, Cherillyn genuinely wants to help people and understands where these women are in their lives because she’s been there too. Not only is she a great businessperson, but she’s got a passion for this.” 

– Cher, BeBalanced owner of Woodland Hills


Why Did Cherillyn Choose BeBalanced?

BeBalanced helps women across the country improve their health and overall wellness through natural hormone-balancing methods. Their proven system has helped thousands of women lose weight as well as relieve or eliminate symptoms associated with menopause, such as sleep issues, mood, and low energy levels. BeBalanced owners get the chance to empower women in their local area to be their best selves.

The mission of BeBalanced resonates deeply with Cherillyn , and she believes strongly in both the business’ investment potential and its underlying purpose. When she was going through her postpartum wellness journey, she was looking for something just like BeBalanced – and now she gets the chance to help other women in her area achieve their goals through safe, natural, empowering methods. With that kind of connection, she is sure to succeed.

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