Three-unit BeBalanced franchise owner Kate Kelleher shares her insight on multi-unit ownership.

Article by Kerrie Kennedy 1851 Franchise Staff Writer



Kate Kelleher’s own personal journey with hormone imbalance led her to BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Centers. 

Now, as the owner of three BeBalanced locations in Pennsylvania, one of Kelleher’s top priorities is to invest in the people who help her clients struggling with hormone imbalance. “BeBalanced is a service type of offering, so I believe it’s super important to have great people delivering on the front lines,” she says. “I invest in training, and I invest in benefits and competitive pay as well as incentives. It’s important that we’re all aligned in terms of growing the business.” 

For franchisees looking to grow their portfolios like Kelleher has done, surrounding oneself with the right people becomes even more important. “You can’t do it yourself. You need really good people around you, whether they’re working for you or whether they’re advisors, vendors or suppliers. Having a group of people that you can rely on is really critical.”

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