Rhee is the owner of three locations of BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers. Here’s how she grew a successful franchise portfolio.

Article By Luca Piacentini 1851 Franchise Senior Writer


Paget Rhee is a multi-unit franchisee with BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers, the 24-unit, hormone-based weight-loss franchise. Rhee was originally introduced to BeBalanced as a satisfied customer but loved the concept so much she decided to join the team as the brand’s very first franchisee, empowering other women’s lifestyles throughout central Pennsylvania. Since joining in 2014, Rhee has leveraged the brand’s business model and support system to expand her portfolio as the owner of the Harrisburg East, Harrisburg West, and York Centers.

Over the years, Rhee says she has learned what details to focus on and what details not to obsess over as a multi-unit franchise owner. “Getting bogged down in trying to achieve perfection can really halt progress,” she said. “While the client experience will always need to be perfect, other systems can be done in several different ways, and it is important to keep an open mind.” 

For example, the biggest difference between being a single-unit owner and a multi-unit owner is learning to adjust your focus, Rhee says. “When you only own a single unit, it is all about focusing on the customer, but with multiple units, you need to learn how to inspire a team,” she said. “The better you are at hiring and training an experienced team, the more it will encourage them to make the client experience perfect even when you aren’t there.” 

While franchisees may be worried about trying to grow their portfolio, Rhee says the key is accepting the risk. “There is risk in everything, but if you’re not willing to step out of your comfort zone and expand, there is no glory,” she said. “If you get to a place that is challenging, you pivot, just like we’ve all done during the pandemic. Encouraging yourself to take that risk and really go out on a limb is how growth can happen.”

As the brand’s first franchisee, Rhee’s due diligence process with BeBalanced was all about trusting her own passion. “There will always need to be due diligence done to understand if the franchise is right for you,” she said. “This not only includes understanding the franchisor and the brand’s key values but also whether or not you are passionate about the business. I believe where passion is, success will follow.” 

Still, franchisees will need to determine what success looks like for them individually. “Is success about the value and purpose that you will gain with the actual business ownership experience, or is it purely financial? Doing your due diligence will allow you to better understand what exactly it is you are looking for,” Rhee said.

If a franchisor wants to find a successful multi-unit owner like Rhee, she notes they need to first define their “why.” 

Finding your why.

“What a franchisor really needs to communicate — and this is something I work with my staff on — is not about what they do, but why they do what they do,” said Rhee. “It is important to know why people would want to be a part of your organization. Instead of getting caught up in the details, focus on the end product and determine why someone would want to participate in your franchise opportunity. If a prospect aligns with your why, you know it is a good fit.”

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