In this episode of A Woman’s Heart Podcast, BeBalanced owner Jan shares her insights on the importance of hormone balancing in weight loss and overall wellness, as well as the role faith plays in her journey. She also discusses the power of community and how women can support each other in their wellness goals. We dive deep into Jan’s personal transformation and how she overcame challenges to achieve her goals. She shares practical tips and advice for women looking to improve their health and well-being. Tune in to hear Jan’s inspiring story and learn how you too can find balance, energy, and joy in your life. Don’t miss out on this uplifting and empowering conversation on “A Woman’s Heart” wellness podcast.

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Contact: Jan Benjamin, Wellness Specialist
221 Crescent Station Terrace SE Leesburg VA 20175
(571) 258-4782

About Edna:
Edna E. Howard is the Founder/CEO, Voices of Encouragement, LLC. Entrepreneur, as well as a Personal Development Coach, Advocate for Women of Color, Author and, Speaker. As a Mindset Coach, she specializes in helping women find and claim their personal power. Her organization provides coaching, educational products, training, mentoring, empowerment workshops, and networking events for women all over the world. Website: