Abbey Wilcox and Leslie Nassoiy have achieved their health goals through a lasting relationship with a BeBalanced franchise.

Article by Justin Wick 1851 Franchise Contributor


Abbey Wilcox and Leslie Nassoiy are two educators in the Collegeville, Pennsylvania area who have capitalized on the weight loss and health benefits of BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers, the 25-unit hormonal weight loss franchise. The brand has helped both Wilcox and Nassoiy achieve their wellness goals, thanks to a proven weight loss strategy and consistent support from franchise owner Roseanne McGrory.

“Our brand is one that develops relationships,” McGrory said. “It is essential for our clients to feel appreciated and taken care of, and that is something that can yield tremendous results when paired with a willingness to achieve an end goal.”

Wilcox, a high school English teacher in Collegeville, was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) before the age of 20. “When I was first diagnosed with PCOS, I was told I might have a hard time having kids,” Wilcox said. She was also informed that her body was resistant to insulin, creating further limitations in a continual goal to lose weight. “I tried everything,” she added.

It wasn’t until she joined BeBalanced that Wilcox finally reached a comprehensive level of treatment. “BeBalanced has a dedication to meditation and mindfulness, which helped me immensely. I feel like your head has to be right and you have to be feeling good mentally, or you won’t succeed,” she said.

After trying out other weight loss systems with limited success, Wilcox has now seen the full effects of a hormonal weight loss solution thanks to McGrory’s guidance.

Nassoiy is a school principal who, like Wilcox, was seeking a weight loss program that would inspire her instead of depriving her of her needs. “I was 20 pounds overweight even after having children, and with perimenopause, the weight gain came for many different reasons,” she said.

“I looked for solutions on the internet but came up short. I found BeBalanced in Collegeville near where I pick up my prescriptions, and I knew Roseanne because our daughters went to the same elementary school,” Nassoiy said. “We instantly hit it off.”

Nassoiy was able to develop a further relationship with McGrory because she already had a deep understanding of micro and macronutrients, along with some healthy choices and eating habits that helped her make the most of the BeBalanced program. “Right before the world changed in March of 2020, I lost 15 pounds. I thought I was going to put it back on, but I had a better mindset to stay on track,” Nassoiy said.

Paget Rhee, the director of operations for BeBalanced, says it is franchisees like McGrory who have established the brand’s model for success. “We are really a business that capitalizes on personal relationships, and when clients are comfortable reaching out for help, they are much more likely to see success in their weight loss goals. This is something we have seen firsthand through Roseanne’s strategy, and she has set the tone for our franchise model to have success in multiple markets,” she said.

Both Wilcox and Nassoiy believe their weight loss plans and their relationship with McGrory have helped their weight loss goals become a reality. They have implemented strategies to relieve stress and manage fear in the process, which has brought a newfound advantage to their lives as they continue to inspire others in the education field.

“Our program has a goal to instill healthy habits in the lives of each client,” said McGrory, “and it requires an active franchisee to be truly invested in their lives. The BeBalanced brand has capitalized on this deep-rooted level of understanding, proving that a lifestyle change can bring the best out of people with diligence and commitment.

“It’s a huge advantage for people to know the impact of what they put in their body, and many clients are amazed at how a few healthy alternatives can bring some easy long-term solutions,” she added.

Rhee said that most franchise owners for BeBalanced enter the business because they see value in helping people with goals. “This is far from a passive business, and our franchisees are vested in helping others succeed,” she said. “This brand is geared to make a resounding impact, and that is made possible by a team of franchisees that make it happen every day.”

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