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Originally published by City Lifestyle West Chester

Helping women feel, look and be better by finding healthy balances within themselves is the daily focus of Linda Barilani. As franchiprese owner of BeBalanced Hormone Weight Loss Center of West Chester (and Wyomissing), she says natural weight loss accompanied by better sleep, improved moods and increased energy is truly achievable. 

Linda says hormones can be balanced naturaly. “We guide clients in establishing a whole-foods diet that’s combined with our proprietary, all-natural, hormone-balancing supplements, one-on-one coaching and relaxation tools to help them stress less and enjoy life more. We work with each client to come up with individual plans,” she adds.

Medical studies show more than 80% of Americans are struggling with a condition called leaky gut, which is caused by microscopic tears in the intestinal lining that cause seepage. The body views that bacteria as an invader and attacks it; this causes inflammation, which causes a myriad of problems. Leaky gut can be prompted from excessive stress, poor eating, hormonal imbalances, toxin overload, bacterial imbalance or genetic predisposition. Some symptoms are gas, bloating, indigestion, sinus problems, headaches and bowel issues. This condition can cause IBS, autoimmune diseases, celiac disease, esophageal cancer, allergies, respiratory infections and thyroid issues.

“Our program helps address food issues by using the AIP diet. We add in a probiotic that helps clean your intestines of excess bacteria, Intestamend to heal the intestines, a micellized vitamin D to build immunities backup and curcumin to help with inflammation. This is a comprehensive, 60-day program to heal leaky guts, and help you to feel and look fantastic,” says Linda. 




Local women share their stories

Karin Hirsch

After Karin Hirsch put on 20 pounds in six months from stress eating, she says she wanted to celebrate her 48th birthday by looking younger and wearing certain dresses again. “I wanted to be a fit and slim wife to my husband and mom to my 5-year-old daughter.”

Karin says she succeeded with the BeBalanced approach because Linda supported her whenever needed. “It’s much easier if there’s a person watching over your progress then doing it all alone. There was just no other option then being disciplined,” she adds. “I felt much more energy along the way and slept great.”

Denise Rushing

Denise Rushing says she had tried everything to lose weight. “Nothing worked, post-menopause.  Balancing my hormones was absolutely key.”

“Based on previous attempts to lose weight, I honestly expected to again be disappointed. I’m so happy to report I was anything but disappointed. It was life-changing!” explains Denise.

“BeBalanced absolutely works, and I believe is the answer. Once you get started, the numbers speak for themselves,” she assures.









Barb Swider

Gaining control both physically and emotionally due to menopausal symptoms is what Barb Swider expected to get from participating in the BeBalanced program. “Myself is what prompted me to do it…I’d gotten to a point in my life where change needed to happen.”

She says mood swings were minimized and she was able to address stressful situations typically in a much better manner.

Barb adds that the products and approach require planning and dedication, but in the long run, are “so very worth it.”

Adrienne Mykofski

Losing the “COVID-15” weight gain plus 5 more pounds was the goal of Adrienne Mykofski. “But I crushed my goal!”

Adrienne says she loves everything about the BeBalanced program because it incorporates proper rest, meditation and self-care into the diet. “If you wait for the perfect time, you’re just postponing success. Just start,” she suggests. “No more self-limiting beliefs. If you follow this, it works. You can do anything for 28 days–and this is so worth it–28 days for a lifetime of health.”








Get your health back!

Heather Donohue

As a nurse, Heather Donohue says she desired more energy and to rid herself of extra pounds, bloating and migraines.

“My body image was crummy. Hormone imbalances for middle-age women are viewed as a norm, rather than something we don’t have to live with. I didn’t want to lose weight with a yo-yo diet that wasn’t sustainable,” she says.

Heather explains her sister-in-law participated in the BeBalanced program last spring and had great results. “We have similar body types and she’s also a nurse. She does research, so when she recommends something, I can trust it. She’s not one to go for fads. She’d been exercising and still not losing weight until she did BeBalanced.”

Since Heather embraced her BeBalanced program in July 2020, she says she feels much better about herself. “I feel better in clothes, walk every night, have so much more energy and fewer migraines. My skin is clearer, my face is thinner, and the muffin-top belly is gone!” she exclaims.

Being able to break her sugar addiction shocked Heather. “The first month is a big change, but once you start to see progress, it propels you forward. And I was surprised by the amount of compliments I got. The success motivates me to continue to make health choices. I don’t look at this as a diet, but rather a healthy eating plan that fuels my body.”

“It’s the best investment in my health I’ve ever made. It makes total sense and is sensible,” concludes Heather.

Robyn Seabrease

Robyn Seabrease says she needed to take back her life. “I was unhappy with my body and how I felt, despite my best efforts with other programs. I decided it’s time to take care of myself, which would make me better able to take care of others and manage the day-to-day stresses of my professional and personal life,” she recalls.

Robyn began the BeBalanced program in January, and hoped to get rid of a constant bloating feeling, hot flashes and loss of concentration/focus.


“Now that I’m fully engaged in this program, I look and feel great. My energy level immediately increased, my brain fog was lifted and the random hot flashes I’d been experiencing went away. My belly started to feel better and I could see the pounds melting off of me, which certainly improved my mental health,” confided Robyn.

One surprise for Robyn was how much she enjoyed the essential oils/relaxation part of what she considers the well-rounded BeBalanced program. “I’m so thankful I opened my mind, it’s become a great tool. I was also surprised at how easy and natural the entire program was. It sounded overwhelming, but once you get into the rhythm, it becomes second nature,” she says.

Robyn says she believes the all-natural products and detoxification of your body is refreshing. “I’ve never been into anything holistic, but I can honestly say I look and think about food and my body so differently now. I feel in control and educated in a way I’d never been before,” she adds. “I expected to lose weight and feel better, but not to the magnitude with which I almost immediately did. It feels like I got back my life and myself.”

Start your journey to balance!

Our holistic approach to weight-loss includes proprietary, all-natural hormone balancing supplements, a whole-foods diet and soundwave-relaxation therapy to rebalance the sex hormones, lower cortisol, and stabilize blood sugar and insulin, helping clients lose an average of 15-22 pounds in just 4 weeks and keep it off.

So, if losing weight has been a struggle for you, or if you suffer from issues like low energy, sleep disturbances, brain fog, night sweats, hot flashes, irregular or painful periods, and more, hormones could be to blame. We work with your body to naturally balance hormones so that you can finally feel like yourself again! To learn more, take our FREE hormone assessment or schedule a FREE consultation at one of centers.

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