Helping women feel their best.

Stella Wilson is a pharmacist who runs BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Center in Ormond Beach.

Q: Why did you go into this career?

A: I’ve been a pharmacist for almost 15 years. Over the last couple years, I was struggling with hormonal issues, but couldn’t find a resolution without side effects.

As a pharmacist, I’ve always wanted to help people get the most from their prescribed medicines, while minimizing side effects using the lowest dose possible and incorporating a healthy lifestyle.

When looking at my own options, I wanted the same for myself. I began researching bioidentical hormones and the relationship of hormone balance, adrenal health, stress and weight loss as a consolidated approach.

I was investigating functional medicine with plans to open my own clinic utilizing natural progesterone’s and addressing adrenal fatigue. At that same time, a colleague introduced me to BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Centers, which has a flagship center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and various locations across the country.

I decided to research and try their natural weight loss program that utilizes Natural Hormone Balancing. I have seen tremendous success since starting the BeBalanced program back in February.

As a pharmacist, I was thrilled to find a non-medical approach to balancing hormones. When the opportunity arose to open a BeBalanced Franchise Center in my community, I knew this was going to be my way to help other women look and feel their best. I look forward to meeting women throughout the community.

Q: What services do you provide?

A: BeBalanced’s approach utilizes “Natural Hormone Balancing”— pioneered as an alternative, non-medical approach to balancing stress and sex hormones while giving the body the building blocks to create necessary hormones naturally and risk free.

We provide fat burning and relaxation tools to help you achieve overall physical well-being by targeting the hormones that affect your weight, sleep, mood and energy.

Clients experience dramatic transformation not only in the mirror, but also through overall physical well-being and mental clarity.

Q: What makes this profession fulfilling for you?

A: I’ve always had a passion for helping people feel their best, advocating for a healthy lifestyle versus just taking pills. Becoming healthy, one must focus on their whole body and mindset.

Through BeBalanced, I can do just that with a non-medical approach. Being able to see other women’s transformations and hear about how great they feel is the most rewarding feeling for me.

I recommend all women check out our website and stop by my new center for a complimentary Hormone Assessment to learn how to get your body on the right track.

Q: When did you realize this was the right career path for you?

A: I lost 25 pounds last winter. The last time I lost that 25 pounds was 2001. In the 90s, the weight would come and go. I was the yo-yo dieter — every diet would work, but the weight would always creep back on.

I could tell the Stay Balanced program was different from my first month on maintenance. Stay Balanced, the ongoing maintenance program, incorporates two water-based topical creams to aid your body in its stress response and replenish natural progesterone.
What a difference Stay Balanced makes for your body! By keeping key hormones balanced, I am able to enjoy a healthy diet without the cravings that once derailed all my weight loss efforts.

I can enjoy a dessert and not start a downward spiral of eating every carbohydrate in site, this has been life-changing.

Q: What’s the latest advancement in your field that will benefit clients?

A: Our field is a new category in the world called, “Natural Hormone Balancing.”

The latest advancement is the main advancement. BeBalanced found the way to naturally (non-medically) resolve the two biggest issues women face as they age — stubborn weight and PMS/Menopausal symptoms. As women age, this is the greatest benefit you could ever offer them, just ask a 35+ year-old woman.

Q: Best advice for current and potential clients.

A: Start with taking our complimentary hormone assessment so we can properly determine what your body needs. Don’t feel like all hope is lost when it comes to your body’s hormones. We can help you feel and look your best in a matter of a couple months.

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Wayne T. Price, FLORIDA TODAY, Part of the USA Today Network