Brand Power

BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Franchising

The BeBalanced brand is synonymous with effective, non-medical means of weight loss with the benefits of alleviating and eliminating the exhaustive symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. It is through our brand power that we are now one of the highest customer-referred weight-loss programs in the franchise industry.

Our profitable and proven turnkey operation does not require a background in the health or medical industry background. Additionally, BeBalanced Weight Loss Centers are primed for tremendous growth because the healthy eating, nutrition and weight loss industry specifically brings in $702 billion per year, second to only the beauty sector.

Kate Kelleher


“After spending almost a year researching business opportunities, I found BeBalanced. Before opening this business, I tried the BeBalanced program. Not only was I able to lose weight and keep it off (almost 30 pounds now), but I am sleeping better than I have in years and feel great—no more hot flashes, night sweats or headaches! I am not alone.”

What Makes BeBalanced Different?

Through a variety of internal and external factors that influence our bodies and minds, weight loss can become more complicated with age. We know that even with diligent and dedicated exercise routines and healthy eating, some women cannot shed stubborn weight they have gained with age. However, we began to understand that even with hard work, efforts weren’t paying off in the mirror or scale.

There are so many perks to owning a BeBalanced franchise!

 Low-cost investment, high profit potential High-referral business

  Small retails space – Simple build-out

  Minimal staff needed

 Limited retail hours

Be the First BeBalanced Location Owner in your Area Today!

Owning your own business is both challenging and satisfying. Owning an established franchise means you have the power of the brand behind you each step of the way. Be the first to open a BeBalanced in your area today and start the path to a secure financial future. The power of an easy-to-access home office is available to get you started and remain supported each step of the way. Contact us today to open your own business today.

Non-Medical Weight Loss that Works

As we share our message with more clients, our branding grows stronger. And because we help each client achieve their health and wellness goals through a natural, holistic approach to weight loss, our reputation is growing too. So, if you are ready to join a family of like-minded people who are driven to help others, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and enjoy running your own business, open a BeBalanced Natural Weight Loss Center in your area today.

Kickstart your journey!

If you meet the requirements below, you too can change women’s lives for the better.

Net worth of $350K+
$75K Liquid Assets
Investment $155,650 – $208,450

Business acumen with sales or sales management experience

A desire to empower women